this new platform is a pillar in the development of the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

We recently worked with our collaborators at Vidéotron le superclub to reinforce the integrated offer of the group. The new platform now offers a complete experience by integrating the Vidéotron le superclub, Microplay and Vidéotron brands. This coherent experience is efficient, but also allows every brand to live through a design and content adapted to their public.

Data anlaysis : 01/07- 30/09, 2016 VS 2017.

50 % increase of the average visit duration

Quality content and a fluid experience allows for a better platform engagement

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Content: a levrage for commercialisation

Whether it is the first day of school, provincial elections or national cat day #nationalcatday, they’re all good reasons to create attention grabbing content. We take advantage of the natural scope of a trendy subject to create a circumstantial movie and series selection.

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Catchy feedback and empty states

Targeted creative writting allows for a proximity relationship with the audience.

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500% more store clicks

A user interface focused on conversion allows for an improvement of the platform’s performance.

More newsletter subscribers

A clear call to action and enticing incentives contribute to a higher subscription rate.

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Immersive marketing tactics

In partnership with the marketing team, personalized animations are designed to promote new releases.

1 000% more organic traffic

An advanced SEO strategy allows to optimize customers acquisition through search engines.

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