• 50 years of expertise in the field of renovation centers
  • More than 21 branches
  • 40,000 hardware, renovation, decoration and building material products
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Patrick Morin

The will to simplify logistic and sale processes, plus the desire to move towards real-time data mining forced Patrick Morin to update its technological model.

Our strategic approach with this mandate was to have a long-term business vision. Conversion rates online, as well as in-store, was expected to increase sales. That’s why an omnichannel strategy was at the center of our vision.

All of our decisions were based on a strategic analysis of internal processes and e-commerce users. Capture the complete shopping journey in order to optimize each drop point and provide a seamless experience.

The e-commerce business plan was built in two phases. First, fulfill B2C consumer requirements and then optimize B2B manufacturing/ distributor segment.

Now that the customer site is online, we are  developing B2B features that will allow Patrick Morin to offer a smoother service to its suppliers, thanks to the “smart business” model.

Geolocalisation of users and prices per branch.

Patrick Morin’s strength: proximity in regions.

Enable each store to manage prices, banner ads, and product displays through the Magento platform and Ogasys ERP integration.

  • Prices and promotions per store
  • Availability per store
  • Payment with Datacandy Gift Card
  • Alerts management per store

Real-time inventory display and product management


Reduce time spent on inventory, product management for flyers, and e-commerce store. Real-time information is a significant asset for an online store. This allows reaching a high level of sale performance with customers.

Relevance Boost

Nearly 25,000 products per season

Magento allows us to create important relevance for product display.  Relevancy is a priority with the amount of different products per season. The ongoing data monitoring that the platform offers allows Patrick Morin’s team to establish critical trends for its sales and merchandising.

in store Delivery or to the customer

Complex Delivery Rules According to Product and Delivery Address

Customers want to choose its purchase path. From simplified search on the site and information product sheets to delivery and return services. In-store or direct to customer delivery has become a primary need to facilitate sales.

Customized email marketing strategy

with Dotdigital

A good e-commerce strategy must include a powerful email marketing tool that helps the marketing team to personalize promotional offers and define pre-defined path for different types of customers. Segmentation and personalization are key, but there is more. Content remains the strategic pillar of email marketing. Dotdigital technological capabilities have helped Patrick Morin’s team to become more efficient. Data collection is also a very important stage to ensure the performance of this strategy.

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