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Complete redesign of Garneau online store


  • Optimize online buying experience process.
  • Plan the next digital development phases of the enterprise.
  • Optimize the efficiency of the e-commerce infrastructure.
  • Rejuvenate and reinforce the positioning of the brand online.


  • Reposition the Web at the core of the marketing operations and organisation’s logistics. 
  • Present a wide range of products to a very large spectrum of personas.
  • Import and restructure a colossal product catalog within a new Magento platform.
  • Establish the required connections with the client’s existing ERP.


  • Dynamic, innovative and solid platform just like Garneau’s products. 
  • Flexible and easy to use Magento Enterprise platform.
  • Improvement of the product display (highlighting the technologies and quality of product).
  • Increased speed and fluidity of the buying experience. 
  • Sales growth in the first months of implantation.