O2 Web: it’s all about the people working here

Here, we make the most of each mind

A job in the web industry, just as we like it.

  • Flexible working hours

    Forget the 8 to 5 days, here everybody manages their own schedule according to their deliverables. Be careful though, late risers pay for the donuts!

  • A united team; a family!

    We spend half of our time with our colleagues, so we should try to have fun at work. Even better, at O2 Web we sometimes try to make it unforgettable!

  • Social activities

    Because we don’t get tired of being together, we like happy hours, happy hours finishing late, sporting activities, birthday lunches… and more if we get on!

  • Team members collaborate together

    Why should you look for the solution all day long when you have talented colleagues with a broad knowledge right next to you? In order to carry out successful projects, we promote mutual aid and collaboration!

  • A trustful atmosphere

    You have an idea to improve your team’s efficiency, suggestions for the next Christmas party or simply something to say? Go on! Your recommendations won’t be ignored.

  • Lunch & learn

    Because we believe learning is part of being happy at work, we organize monthly Lunch & learn. Of course, lunch is paid for!

  • An espresso machine

    One (two, three, ten for some!) good hot coffee(s) for free every day!

  • The neighbourhood

    Looking for a good Pat Rétro poutine, a delicious Lebanese patty, a Brynd sandwich or a legendary bagel from Le Traditionnel Bagel? Our office is located right next to a wide range of restaurants!

  • Attentive project managers

    Here, no patronizing attitude. We all work together to carry out successful projects.

  • Insurance plan

    The employer pays 50% of the insurance plan. Dental care, health insurance (medicines and vocational care), life insurance, as well as several other benefits. .

  • A love for Jurassic Park

    We absolutely don’t know where that tradition comes from, but the first notes of the theme song composed by John William are enough to get the whole place all agitated!

  • Reference program

    O2 Web encourages referral. A team member refers a new employee? He or she thus receive a reward - in cash $$$ - 6 months after that person is hired.

Our amazing team